Win! Travel With CURVY

In March of this year, a group of inspiring creative women are traveling together on a once in a lifetime trip to stunning South Pacific island destination, New Caledonia, on a project with CURVY for Vivid Ideas.

And there is a chance for you to come too!

As part of our activities at this year’s Vivid Ideas in Sydney, CURVY is launching an inspiring initiative together with New Caledonia Tourism, Rusty, and Russh Magazine.

A group of next generation creative women are travelling to New Caledonia in mid-March with the iconic Peggy Oki (of original Z-Boys fame) to capture the trip of a lifetime together.

Our special guest at CURVY 2018, Peggy is a tireless, passionate female icon, and someone we describe as a clean-water warrior. What Peggy does every day in aid of the environment and oceans is inspiring to say the least.  In particular her focus on the well-being of whales, both in captivity and in the wild.  We are excited to be working with Peggy again on this exciting initiative in New Caledonia.

CURVY is all about inspiring creative women – however we want our community to start thinking more collectively about what you can achieve if you work together, and even more, what you can do beyond our own backyard. This project is designed to spark your creativity and get that process happening.

We feel there are many parallels with Aus & New Cal – in particular a respect for eco, conservation ideals, and especially those that are ocean-based.  We hope that the experiences in New Cal will translate to enhanced mindfulness within the local female creative community here at home.

Our travellers

Our New Cal crew includes sole female Z-Boy member, the iconic Peggy Oki, Social media icon and travel influencer Sjana Earp, Author, entrepreneur and Wellness Practitioner, Sasha Havlikova and her business partner, Marine Biologist, Michelle Havlikova, Entrepreneur and influential media owner, Artist, and clean water ambassador Jess Lambert, RUSSH Magazine team including photo editor, and features, and our fave gal, the uber-creative Kelly Thompson. Collectively our travellers  have a social media reach exceeding 3M followers.

Our team has been selected for their strong social and community followings, but also for their positions as creative boundary breakers with a dedication to eco and conservation. We are thrilled to have them together for this project.

Win a spot on this incredible trip

Yes, this initiative is incredibly inspiring – however it doesn’t end there.  You have a shot at being there with them!

Are you an enthusiastic, motivated, and aspiring creative talent looking for a platform to soar?  Well here is your chance. We are looking for one more traveller to join our team and experience all that New Caledonia has to offer.

You’ll need to show us what creative skills you can bring to the party and also demonstrate a passion for the ocean and the environment.

While on the trip, you will see all that New Caledonia has to offer – plus you will work closely with our group to expand your experience in content creation and social media. You’ll generate content for the team on the go and share it with the world. You will also be part of the CURVY x Vivid Ideas event in Sydney in June.

Could this be you?

The prize includes:

A getaway to stunning New Caledonia in March 2019
Money-can’t buy experiences
One-on-one mentoring from our crew on the ins & outs of how they do what they do
Expanding your knowledge about content creation and social media tactics
Generating images and videos to feature on both your own social media pages as well as the projects related profiles
Cross promotion to your pages by our travellers and partners

Our ideal candidate

Is a creative talent with a passion for the ocean and the environment
Is available to drop everything and jump on a plane with our group on route to New Caledonia, March 2019
Has a strong understanding of social media including Instagram stories
Has their own unique style
Is creative and eager to share content with the world
Is a resident of Australia
If this sounds like you, the CURVY crew would love to hear from you!

How to Enter

Send us your bio via email to  Tell us about yourself, what you do and why you think you should be part of the crew.  Please also include links to your social profiles.

Applications close 21 February 2018.

See full T&C’s here.


New Caledonia

Less than a three hour flight from Sydney, New Caledonia is like nowhere else. A protected and preserved lagoon that’s on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A main island, Grande Terre, with mountains, outback plains, forests and more, making it a true adventure playground. Jaw-dropping islands that provide the perfect combination of blue azure waters and white sand beaches. And throughout, a population of welcoming and authentic people from a blend of cultures. All making any trip to the destination unforgettable.


Our experiences with Rusty go way back to our early roots and our very first CURVY t-shirt collaboration – a limited edition design that we did together with Elke Kramer and Millie Ross. Rusty has a proven dedication to clean oceans, the environment and women in Australia. We love their latest women’s lines and campaign and we are thrilled to have @rusty_womens part of our new adventures.

Russh Magazine

RUSSH Magazine is an independent fashion magazine showcasing innovators in fashion, beauty and the arts. RUSSH reflects the way intelligent women approach fashion and beauty to create their own distinctive style..

More Announcements Coming Soon

Stay connected to for updates on this project as it continues to evolve over the coming months. Regular updates will also be available on our social pages and partner pages.

Special thanks again to New Caledonia, RustyRUSSH and our group of brilliant women.

All destination images, thanks to @newcaledoniatourism