Fuchsia Sims

Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Environmentalist

By the age of ten, Fuchsia had already visited 30 countries and knew how to say ‘I’m a vegetarian’ in 12 languages.

After school she ran away to the jungles of Costa Rica, spending 18 months living in harmony with sloths and toucans, where she worked as a river guide, helping troubled youth rewild and rebuild their self esteem. It was here she discovered the true power of adventure – to help us grow and develop as individuals.

Fuchsia has degrees in International Marketing and the Experience Economy. Having spent the last decade juggling marketing and mountains, Fuchsia finally found her calling as cofounder of the Adventure Junky App – Earth’s Sustainable Travel Game.

With literally billions of travellers circling the planet every year, Fuchsia is on a mission is to influence the future of travel. Using her business as a force for good – to inspire us to protect the people and places we love to visit.