Jess Blanch

Editor in Chief, Publisher, Russh

Jess Blanch grew up in a rural town riding horses and now runs one of Australia’s most influential fashion publications and media platforms, Russh.

The youngest of a large extended family, Blanch grew up in Willow Tree, a small rural town northwest of Sydney, where her parents reared thoroughbreds.

Despite her rural childhood, Blanch set her sights on magazines. As a teenager, she spent all her pocket money on subscriptions to US Harper’s Bazaar, UK Vogue and Tatler. During a stint as a PR assistant while still at university, she realised it was writing that resonated with her.

With a staff of 20 and a team of global contributors, Russh magazine’s tag line is ‘Australian at heart, international in mindset’. Is this her? ‘Absolutely. I am always travelling but when I land on the tarmac at Sydney airport I’m without fail overwhelmed at how lucky I feel to call Australia home.’

For her, fashion is not just about clothes, but the stories created around them.

Jess will lead the discussion, as moderator of FUTURE FORWARD 2018.